1. For one week before procedure avoid taking aspirin or any products containing Aspirin. These products thin your blood  and may cause unnecessary bruising/bleeding.
2. Carefully shave the hair on your scrotum and groin area a day or so before the procedure.
3. Have a good breakfast/lunch the day of your procedure.This is not a major Surgery so you don’t have to starve yourself.
4. On the morning of your procedure please shower or bathe using a medicated soap(e.g dettol ,it helps to prevent infection) prior to leaving home. You will not shower again until the day after the procedure.
5. You should plan to limit your activities for 2  days after the procedure.
6. Put on tight underwear to prevent scrotal movement before and after the procedure.
7. Vasectomy does not interfere with the sexual ability nor physical strength.
8. It is a voluntary procedure not done under duress,coercion nor inducement.
9.It is a personal choice to take responsibility for own reproductive health without being at the mercy of partner for contraception.Your partner too does not have to use contraceptives forever.
10. It is a permanent method for men whose families are complete but would like to continue sharing intimacy with their partners.
11. Though rare but some men may have swelling,bleeding and pain after vasectomy. Chronic scrotal pain associated with negative impact on quality of life occurs after vasectomy in about 1–2% of men. Few of these men require any additional surgery.
12. Infection of the scrotum(requiring antibiotics or even a second procedure) is very rare ( less than 1 in 500) but is possible.
13. Failure of vasectomy is rare (1 in 1000 cases) but is possible due to recanalization.
14. You should be aware of other family planning methods available in the market (click here to download)
15. vasectomy does not prevent HIV/AIDs or other STIs
16. There have been nearly four decades of intense research on potential long-term health effects of vasectomy. It has been found that  vasectomy does not have any significant long-term negative effects and does not increase the risk of cardiovascular disease, which is the major cause of morbidity and mortality in men in developed and most developing countries. Vasectomy is a safe and highly effective method of fertility control with a risk profile that compares favorably with that of methods of fertility control used by women.(American Urological Asssociation,Vasectomy guidelines 2012)
17. You can change your mind any time before the procedure but let us know at least one day to your appointment date.
18. If you cannot keep your scheduled appointment for your vasectomy or you have any question or concerns then call us on:  +254721547978.


1. You can go home within 2 hours after procedure but avoid driving yourself back home,some men complain of temporary dizzy spell after a medical procedure.
2.  Resume normal activity but  avoid cycling and or heavy lifting for  7 days to avoid scrotal bruising/ bleeding.
3.  Use  antibiotics/analgesics as prescribed by the doctor.
4.   You may have sex 3 days after procedure or when comfortable with birth control. It is normal to have some  blood in the  semen for the first few ejaculations.
5.   Use condoms for 3 months or partner can continue using her contraceptive of choice for the next three months.
6.   Continue with  normal diet
7.  Using clean hands,remove the piece of gauze/dressing the following    day
8.    You can shower the morning after the procedure but make sure the wound area is clean and dry to avoid infection,the wound might not be visible.
9.  Do Seminalysis after 3 months to confirm azoospermia(lack of sperms in semen).
10.   If you have any undue discomfort or concerns please call 0721547978

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