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Our first born are identical twins and we had planned for their pregnancy. They were born on 22/04/2013. Since then both my wife and I discussed at length and agreed that these two God given children were enough for us and that we would not have any more children. In view of this decision, she opted to use Mycrogynon Combined Pills about 4 months after giving birth. She has been taking this Pills since then which is now slightly over 4 years strictly following the prescribed rules of taking the Pill. We were shocked to learn that she has become pregnant again while still using the Pill which according to the hospital test done shows that the pregnancy is between 4 to 5 weeks now. This shocking new have resolved our decision to go for the permanent family planning method of Vasectomy as we have really lost confidence in the female family planning programs available in the market. Be as it may, both of us have now come out of the shocking news for the unplanned pregnancy and we are looking forward to have this baby which together with the twins we believe are now the maximum children we needed to have.
Client Testimonial
Why I took up this procedure: I wanted to concentrate on my life and family,I wanted to offer my best to my wife and two children, with my wife not going through the nightmare of contraceptives.Always in life one get more forecast when he or she has only one target to aim at and that’s the well being of my family. The thought of my wife having to rush to clinic or chemistry every morning after we have had an unplanned sex was not comforting and further more we have the number of children we wanted. I just wanted us to enjoy our life without any limitation
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Winam Safe Parenthood Initiative (WISPIVAS) started as a post vasectomy club in Kenya where men converged to share their experiences on vasectomy and encourage other men whose families are complete to do the same. Women too joined the group , most of them were so happy that their husbands had taken up personal responsibility in family planning through vasectomy. After the gentle touch vasectomy,a man is like the seedless oranges,“only sweet juices without  seeds”.

SEEDLESS ORANGESProcedures are done at Family Care Medical Center,Phoenix House,5th Floor,Kenyatta Avenue, next to Simmers restaurant,Nairobi,Kenya.

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