Before No Scalpel Vasectomy


What happens in people before vasectomy

Sperm is made in the testes, from each testis sperm moves through a long curled up tube behind the testis (epididymis),wherein they become mature. From here they swim up a foot long tube, (the vas) which guides them up to the channel (urethra) through which men urinate and ejaculate. The easiest place to access the vas tubes is just above the testes where the vas tubes are just beneath the thin scrotal skin, easy to feel and mobile.Vasectomy is a simple day care procedure that takes 15 minutes.
Before vasectomy
An anesthetic solution can be injected with a tiny needle to numb the scrotal skin and vas tubes or a pressure spray applicator can be used to numb the skin and vas tubes without needles.
During No Scalpel Vasectomy (NSV) special instruments are used to perform the procedure through a single tiny opening on the front side of the scrotum.the ¼ inch slit usually seals within hours so no stitches are needed.
The divided ends of the vas deferens  are placed out  of alignment by closing the vas sheath between the two ends with a suture or tiny clip so that the two ends won’t grow back together.

After No Scalpel Vasectomy


Let Him become a new man

The portions of the vas tubes within the pelvis still contain live sperm until they are released. About 95% of men are sperm free after three months.
after vasectomy
In 5% of men the semen may still contain some sperm usually few in number and not active for months so it’s important to have semen sample checked and to use other forms of birth control until it’s confirmed by microscopic examination that the sperm is free.
Sperm is still made by the testis but can no longer pass up through the vas tubes. So the body adjusts: white blood cells ingest and digest the retained sperm, recycling the proteins back into the system for use in other body functions.

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