1. “It is not in our culture” Most of the time people use culture as a euphemism for ignorance on vasectomy.
  2. The Kenyan factor
  3. “It will affect the manhood.” vasectomy doesn’t affect the production of testosterone,the virility hormone.
  4. “vasectomy  involves chopping off the external genital”.this is not true, only the vas deferens is ligated.
  5. “the scrotum will balloon and explode”.this is not true,the sperms are reabsorbed same way the eggs of a woman are reabsorbed if not fertilised.
  6. “Family Planning is only for women” This is incorrect,men too should be involved in family planning.
  7. “my children will die”. we need to focus on quality not quantity.It is very difficult to give sufficient food and medical care to many people in the family.the fewer they are the easier it is to manage! Margaret Sanger,founder of International Planned Parenthood (IPPF) once said “the most merciful thing that a large family does to one of its infant members is to kill it”.
  8. “My wife will divorce me or die” Research has shown that only 5% of vasectomy clients regret the decision later on in life and chances are that they adopted vasectomy when they were either too young,single or had other psychological issues while choosing the method.
  9. “some one else will make my wife pregnant”.Vasectomy is not about immorality but a Family planning method.
  10. “Vasectomy will emasculate men”.This is not true,what emasculates a man is a large unplanned family,it weakens and frustrates him particularly if he cannot feed them  or educate them well.
  11. “Vasectomy is for the educated and rich members of the society”.This is not true,vasectomy is for any body whose family is complete and has no desire to have more children.
  12. “some think it is not biblical”.Isaiah 56:3-5 says even eunuchs will be accepted in the kingdom of God if they follow the path of righteousness and will be rewarded with greater gifts than children.Though vasectomy does not make one a eunuch.Iran,an ardent Islam theocracy embraced vasectomy in the 1980’s,when asked about his opinion about vasectomy, Ayatollah Ali Khamanei,the supreme spiritual leader said:” if wisdom dictates that a man has enough number of children and doesn’t need anymore then Vasectomy is permissible”.
  13. “others say it is a castration “.vasectomy  will not  affect your sexuality,it will not alter the seminal fluid volume too.Only the 5% of the semen which contains sperms will be inhibited.
  14. Overcome the Factors