When I was a baby my dad and mum use to travel a lot but I don’t why. All I remember is me in a boat, me in a camel and in a plane. Now on school days the third, or maybe fourth which was called BKIS, changed my life but my parents weren’t that rich. Everything was great. I started at class two but we call it year 2. That school taught me how to ride a bike, made lessons be a lot fun especially in year 4. I became smarter while I was having fun. I became good at sports thanks to my P.E teacher. Now in school, cool stuff has been happening and one time an unusual thing happened. When I was playing football I shot from the corner of the pitch. It went straight then when it reached the goal it curved to it and entered. Enough about school time to talk about my coincidences. Every time I think of something which can happen but I don’t expect it to happen right now it does happen. One time my teacher in year 4 took us to a trip which is a mine tour and the tour guy is my friend’s dad. He gave us fool’s gold which I taught was real gold for a couple of hours. When my first time going to a stadium it was the biggest in the country. I went there because there were sport events. After that I had a fantastic day. I did bunji jumping of a trampoline. When I went for holidays in year4 that holiday was the best. I went to Mombasa to have tropical fun. The one part I remember mostly was the best part. I and my brother went to a big water park with big water slides. It was called ‘WILD WATERS.’ That day I didn’t bring my googles to see under water. But then when I realized I really don’t need googles here I was so glad. I think I went for 20 or 25 runs on different slides. I didn’t mention about my brother could see underwater and there was a pool as a river which was where he was. When I was going to do my last run, which was the biggest one, was the special one. When I finished sliding I landed in the water including my face and I was able to see underwater!