From April 23 to April 26, an international team of vasectomists will converge in Nairobi to perform vasectomies for free. The team will be in Nairobi to share stories of their own vasectomies and support the work of Dr. Ochieng.  Besides Dr. Charles Ochieng, the team will consist of Dr. Doug Stein, Dr. John Curington, Dr. Stacy De-Lin, and Jonathan Stack.
Dr Charles Ochieng

Dr Charles Ochieng

Dr. Charles Ochieng is the premier vasectomist of Kenya and east Africa. He has pursued training abroad in the United States and returned to Kenya to provide his services to help his own country.
Dr. Douglas Stein is the co-founder of No-Scalpel Vasectomy International and is the subject of the documentary film “The Vasectomist.” Dr. Stein has performed well over 40,000 vasectomies and has spoken and given live demonstrations at international conferences in multiple continents.
Dr. John Curington performed his first vasectomy in 1997, and has been traveling the world improving his skills and teaching since then.  Dr. Curington takes a special interest in providing a very gentle and effective procedure, and teaching this philosophy along with exquisite surgical technique.
All three of the male physicians have had vasectomies themselves and are proud to share their stories.
Dr. Stacy De-Lin is the Associate Director of Surgical Services at Planned Parenthood of New York City, and supervises the vasectomy services of this non-profit in New York.
Jonathan Stack is a documentary film-maker and the co-founder of World Vasectomy Day. He has written, produced, and directed over 25 films and over 50 television programs. Mr. Stack was instrumental in bringing World Vasectomy Day to Kenya in 2016.
Charles and Doug in Kisumu - 2013-08-03
Dr Charles Ochieng and Dr. Doug Stein



Dr John Curington


Doug-SteinDr. Doug Stein


Stacy-De-LinDr Stacy De-Lin


Jonathan Stack


About The celebration

 From April 23 to April 26, Dr. Ochieng will be hosting a group of international vasectomy experts for a 4-day event. Usually a vasectomy in Kenya costs 15,000 Shillings, but during this special celebration, Dr. Ochieng and his group will be performing vasectomies for free.

The purpose of the celebration is to educate men about vasectomy and to promote this highly effective method of contraception.
The international vasectomy experts will be Dr. Doug Stein and Dr. John Curington, both leaders from NSVI (No-Scalpel Vasectomy International). Also on the team will be Jonathan Stack, the co-founder of World Vasectomy Day, and a tireless campaigner in global education regarding men’s role in contraception.
This event will be hosted by FHOK (Family Health Options Kenya), in their clinic in downtown Nairobi.  FHOK is a local Non-Governmental Organization that has been a leading provider of sexual and reproductive health services in Kenya for the past five decades.


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