online consultation kenyaWISPIVAS panel of doctors will provide you with an online solution to your problem just exactly when you deeply need it.
We currently give advice and recommendation on effectiveness of prescriptions which we also handle. Consultations will be only be provided if considered safe.


If you are not happy with consultation from a WISPIVAS doctor or specialist or if you wish to obtain a clarification, we do welcome you to seek ‘second consults’ with us.

The doctors who answer your questions are Officially certified and Holders of high caliber Medical qualifications. Your identity and the answers will be kept totally confidential and not displayed anywhere unless you approve of it (For Non Scalpel Vasectomy Consultations,

Please start by filling up this NSV consent form Here)

Due to the demand for medical consultations it is sometimes difficult to answer your questions instantly; hence, a simple two-tier system is devised where we shall require you to indicate the urgency of your problem at hand.
The urgent consults are responded within 24 to 36 working hrs and the non-urgent are responded within 72 hrs.
All Consultations are addressed to OR alternatively Fill our Contact form so we can get back to you.