vasectomy benefits


It empowers men to nurture fewer children.

2. It enables men to exercise their reproductive health right as enshrined in Kenya’s constitution article 43 (1) (a) which states that “every citizen has the right to the highest attainable standard of health, which includes the right to health care services, including reproductive health care”

3. It alleviates  the negative side effects of family planning methods on women.

4. It can  prevent  unsafe abortions and Obstetric Fistulas.

5. It can prevent  maternal deaths  (“the death of a woman whilst pregnant or within 42 days of delivery or termination of pregnancy, from any cause related to, or aggravated by pregnancy or its management.

6. It can help in the reduction of  rapid population growth rate and its negative socioeconomic sequelea e.g. unemployment,poverty,overcrowding,illegal immigration,traffic congestion,inadequate housing ,poor sanitation,poor waste disposal and drainage systems,reduced arable land,food and water insecurity,deforestation,environmental degradation and resource based conflicts.

7. It can prevent deadbeat fatherhood (fathers who do not pay for child support)

8. It can prevent prosecution under article 53 ( 1) (e) of the Kenya’s constitution which states that ” Every child has a right to parental care and protection, which includes equal responsibility of the mother and father to provide for the child, whether they are married to each other or not”

9. It can help in the reduction of carbon foot print and mitigation of climate change.

10. It can help in the reduction of the number of single parenthood,Street children and insecurity.

11.It can be used as a primary prevention strategy of HIV transmission by stopping the vertical transmission of the virus from mother to child.”If she does not conceive,she does not transmit the virus to the baby”